Replica Emile Chouriet 2019 new women's watch, mysterious lady's selection

Mysterious black, with extraordinary expressiveness,replica omega It has the depths of the night, the shadows of the shadows, and the ethereal ethereal.Has always been regarded as a fashion darling, classics.Emile Chouriet 2019 new net ya series women's watch,Selection of mysterious ladies,Only for you who are unique.

Emile Chouriet's new net elegant series of black beaded watches, mysterious and noble, is the "pear on the wrist" of modern fashion women. The black bead is made from the mother-of-pearl of the black pearl, crafted with ingenious craftsmanship, and has the mystery of the black pearl of the “Queen of the Pearl”. Emile Chouriet chose the quality of the Tahitian black beaded embellishment watch, and decorated the crown and trunnion with Swarovski crystals to inspire the elegant and charming texture of the watch, making the confident and noble lady's atmosphere shine.

Known as the "water lotus", the lotus flower has always been the inspiration of Emile Chouriet, guiding Emile Chouriet to design an elegant and quiet Jingya series of sandstone watches. The lotus flower carved in a three-dimensional engraving of the mother-of-pearl has a delicate texture of the petals, which blooms vividly on the dial of the golden stone of Canro Star. The replica watches perfect blend of lapis lazuli and mother-of-pearl, witnessing the romantic, poetic and elegant time horizon, makes the woman wearing this watch the focus of elegance and fashion.

Emile Chouriet inherits and carries forward Geneva's exquisite watchmaking skills, and always adheres to technological innovation, forge ahead, introduces elegant fashion, and caters to modern style watches. In 2019, Emile Chouriet's two new net ya women's watches are designed with precious materials in mind. They elegantly interpret the high-end and niche tastes that can't be shared, and deliver unlimited quality life.