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The Ball watch was founded in 1891. This year, two trains collided in Kipton, Ohio, because the watch pockets of the two watch engineers were not allowed to go, which sounded the alarm for the then American railway company. The founder of the Boer watch, Webster Clay Ball, was called "Standard Time" because of the introduction of the release of the Naval Observatory time in Cleveland. Therefore, after this incident, he was commissioned to inspect all the tables used by railway workers, and the demand for precision in the railway sector led to the birth of the Ball brand.

In the 1940s, the Ball watch stood out by relying on the most famous Xenon night light illuminating technology (derived from the demand for war reading). This feature continues today, even though all major brands are doing luminous coatings, but the most famous of the night light is the Boer watch.

When it comes to helium (3H), it has very little stock on the earth,replica rolex and it is basically acquired by artificial synthesis (using carbon dioxide laser technology). Originally in the United States, helium was mainly used for military lighting purposes. Because of the high cost of helium, the amount used on a piece of Boer is not much, about 10 micrograms, but it does not hinder its "lighting effect". In addition, the development of gas lamps of different colors also requires technical support. It is also one of the costs of watch making.

The half-life of cockroaches is generally 12.43 years, and the life of Xenon lamps of Boer watches is about 10 to 20 years. After more than two half-lives, the light becomes weak.

After reading the classic moon phase shape, let's take a look at the sleek Rolex replica performance of the genre--the moon-shaped person, whose hands, scales and dials have 36 xenon night lights. In addition to the glowing moon, there are 14 days of tidal rise and fall time. display.